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November 2015

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Bonfire night came early to Oxhill this year!

We thought we'd moved to a sleepy little village, when boom at 3am there's loud cracks, bangs and flashes of light outside. Literally the whole room would light up for a split second then we'd be plunged back into darkness, with the sound of deafening bangs. I thought the whole of the front of the house was on fire!

Wasn't sure whether to look out or not. We gingerly opened the curtains to see the pole a flame with what looked like a giant firework exploding at the top! We called the fire brigade, think most of the village did, thank goodness.

We were worried that the wires might burn through and drop onto our neighbours house. We couldn't walk round the front due to all the sparks so then we thought maybe we should hop over the 4 fences at the back to see if they wanted to come to ours, luckily the fire brigade arrived at that point so we didn't have to face the obstacle course of barbed wire. We've now swapped numbers just in case we have any more exciting end of the world events! Like us they'd never seen anything like this, however, we've subsequently heard it's quite a regular occurrence in Oxhill.

So watch out for those old pylons, you never know when they might go boom! Like our neighbours we were all kitted ready to escape out the back if need be. My hubby went outside sporting quite a combo of sunnies and dressing gown to check if it was a distraction tactic to steal anyone's oil, pretty extravagant tactics I thought! While I went to check on our bear of a dog Diesel who reassuringly wasn't bothered at all by the noise but was more upset about not being allowed out to meet everyone gathering out the front. It really was quite a show, should have sold tickets!

Lisa Connolly

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