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November 2015

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Garden Club

On Thursday 15th October, shortly after the various local harvest festivals where home grown fruits and vegetables were very much in evidence, the Garden Club was treated to a talk by Richard Baldwin on ‘Vegetables for the Smaller Garden’.  Having spent time (in the nicest possible way) at our very own HRI at Wellesbourne, Richard moved to Pershore College where, prior to retirement, he held the post of Senior Horticultural Lecturer with responsibility for the intensive vegetable production unit. 

Our speaker hailed from the West Riding of Yorkshire and a major element of his talk was on how to grow quality vegetables successfully but inexpensively.  He, himself, pressed all manner of containers into service and showed members slides of the fruits (sorry, vegetables) of his labours grown in everything from old buckets to lavatory pans taken out of service and, hopefully, sterilised before use!  

Richard devoted quite a lot of time on extolling the virtues various feeds and the benefits of using moisture retaining beads of gel that reduce the need for watering in dry spells. Although cost conscious, his adage was that money was always well spent on feeding / supplying plants with their very individual requirements for certain minerals and nutrients.  What is certain is that members’ horizons were widened with a very different slant on producing a succession of fresh vegetables in a relatively small space – enough for a household to be virtually self sufficient over an extended growing period. 

The next meeting of the Garden Club is, as ever, at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of the month in November (the 19th) when guest speaker Graeme Mitchell of Brightwater Holidays will give a talk on ‘A World of Gardens’.

Douglas Nethercleft

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