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November 2015

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WOT2Grow - Community Orchard

What glorious autumn weather we have had and despite the chilly nights the raspberries continued fruiting until mid-October! We then started on the maintenance of the summer canes and it is very satisfying cutting out the old fruited canes and clipping in the ones for next year's fruit. The neat rows show just how much you have achieved!

We are picking apples nature is wonderful in making sure they don't all ripen at once on a tree so unlike commercial operators we have the luxury of picking only the ripe ones.  Some of the varieties are not commonly seen in the shops or even local gardens so it is good to be able to taste them. There are a few cider apples but some time before we are making a lot of cider!

Apple Day on the 17th was an overcast and none too warm afternoon but that didn't stop the enthusiasm of the attendees. It was good to have many children running around  carrying, chopping, scratting and pressing as well as finding time to kick a football about! We had two presses set up and production was non stop giving us many, many litres of fresh apple juice. This year's juice was deemed to be some of the best with a depth of flavour due to the fantastic apples we were given and also some from the orchard itself! Refreshments were available  and plenty of delicious cake was consumed as well as taken home to be eaten later. We are very grateful to everyone who contributed to the success of the afternoon in so many ways.

Contact one of us as to find out why we have the orchard and what we are doing!

 Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080)

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