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December 2015

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Blocked Drains

A Message from the Severn Trent

Re: Cooking Fat & Oil Solidifying in Drains

As we left the house on 1st November there was a strong smell of ‘the drains’ in the air. We quickly discovered that this was being caused by effluent flowing out of an inspection chamber and onto our drive.  YUCK!  That chamber is part of a shared drain and is above the line where the outflow from our property joins the system.  Severn Trent responded to our request to attend and kindly cleared the blockage.  It turned out to have been caused by cooking fat being deposited into the drain system.  They showed us two big white plugs of cooking fat which they had extracted and explained that in 35/40% of callouts to blocked drains, cooking fat is the problem.

They asked us to pass on to the community their guidance that any large amounts of cooking fat should be drained into a jar or tin (and preferably taken to a recycling depot) and that any excess cooking fat deposited on cookware, plates, utensils etc. should be removed with kitchen paper and deposited in the bin before washing please.

Having experienced the consequences, we fully support their suggestions!

The Harper Family, Whatcote Road

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