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January 2016

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Carol Service

Well! The painting was finished, the cleaning completed, the Christmas tree in, new candle holders installed and outside lights repaired. All done in time for the annual candlelit Carol Service. Many thanks are due to all who helped with all the preparation. Thank you to the team of helpers who came last Saturday to give the church a really good clean. The shiny brass and gleaming pews set off the newly painted white walls. 

Sadly I missed the service due to my vehicle breakdown and having to wait for rescue. I am told that the service was very well attended, the church looked wonderful and the choir sang splendidly. A big thank you to all those who took part in the choir. Thank you Tony Withersford for once again being our organist for the evening.Thank you also to all the readers. I am sorry I was not there to hear them. Of course a really big extra thank you must go to Charles and Nadia MacCall for all that they have done to improve the interior of the church.

Happy New Year 
Carol Fox PCC

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