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January 2016

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Firstly ...

I can not think of a better reason to have attained the age of 65 than to be invited to the Christmas Cracker of a lunch served to the Senior Pupils in the Oxhill Old Schoolroom on Dec 7th. To misquote “Nowt was put in, and most certainly nowt was taken out".  It was all there on one large overflowing plate, and even enough, I think, for Oliver Twist to have some more!  Christmas pud and mince pies rounded off the menu. AND Lisa’s special mint creams.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to the Village Hall Committee and all those of Santa’s little elves who flew along to help them.

I am already looking forward to being invited again next year, when of course I shall be 66!! (Really! Ed)

Secondly ...

And, also most enjoyable, was an evening spent with Oxhill’s Horticulturalists, who provided a delicious cold collation, followed by superbly fruity, creamy, spongey, "afters" (totally non-calorific, of course!!), and cheese, in the Old Chapel (My goodness our buildings seem to be suffering the same way as some of the rest of us!)

The food and company was an excellent recipe for conviviality, and I am surprised that more of your readers do not feel the urge to see what they are missing. Why not give the Garden Club a try?

So many thanks for this to the Garden Club Committee and members.


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