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February 2016

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Burn's Night

In a beautifully decorated Hall (Thanks, Jude MacDonald) some 30 plus people enjoyed an excellent, traditional supper of tasty homemade Scotch Broth (Thanks, Pat) Haggis, Neeps and Tatties (Thanks, Lisa & Karen) a Cranachan desert (Thanks, Jay & Annette) plus Cheese and Biscuits accompanied by traditional and modern speeches and entertainment.

The Address to the Haggis was superbly delivered by Eileen MacPherson (hailed by the Scots from the Village as one of the best ever performances), Stuart Barker provided and amusing and informative tribute to Robbie Burns and Iain MacPherson, not to be outdone by his wife, soon had us falling about laughing with his inimitable story telling in his address to the Lassies. Karen Barker replied with a very amusing, poetic reply to the Laddies and then Iain finished the entertainment with a few guitar accompanied songs that had everyone joining in.

It was a wonderful evening where were you?

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