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February 2016

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Gwen Hyatt

Many of you who have lived in Oxhill for a while will remember Gwen. Sadly she died on Wednesday 20th January at the grand old age of 102. Is this a first for Oxhill?

Gwen moved to Oxhill in 1946 and she moved into 1 The Leys, when it was new in 1950, and lived there happily until 2012.

She was a regularly attended the Chapel until it closed and then she used to worship at Church. She also was one of the founder members of the Oxhill Ladies Country Club and then Women’s Institute and she liked to join in with village life.

She liked to walk round the village whenever she could and she often went down the fields “wooding”. When she couldn’t walk all the way round she could still be seen walking up as far as the layby.

Gwen was a good friend who was always happy to help and she baby sat for a number of families in the village. She never grumbled or let things get her down although it couldn’t have been easy bringing up her son on her own.

Her son, Alan was a regular visitor and was often seen cutting the grass or hedge for his mum.

In 2012 Gwen moved to Haven House in Kineton when she couldn’t manage on her own and she lived there happily until two weeks ago when she had to move to Ashorne as Haven House is closing. Until her illness in the last few weeks the only medication that she took was aspirin or paracetamol for her arthritis! I’m sure that there are a lot of us a lot younger who wish we could say that!

In the picture, which was taken at our wedding 10 years ago Gwen is pictured with her two sisters. On the right was Louie, the eldest, at 93 in the middle was “Our young Bessie” at 89 and on the left Gwen at 92. That’s a total of 274 years!

The funeral will be held at Oxhill Church at 2pm on 1st February.

Barbara Shepard

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