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February 2016

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Minutes of a Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 12th January at 8.00pm in the village hall.

The meeting, chaired by Grenville Moore and was attended by Councillors David Hill, Carol Taylor, Sue Hunt and Stewart Whittaker. One member of the public attended.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

Matters arising - Rural Housing Questionnaire- It was agreed to proceed with this as it will provide the foundation for the Neighbourhood Plan which needs to be completed in the near future. A covering letter explaining this will be included in this month’s Oxhill News and Warwickshire Rural Housing contacted to obtain the questionnaire which will be delivered to all households with the Oxhill News, when completed this will be returned by free post and collated by Warwickshire Rural Housing.

Bench - It was agreed that a bench will be purchased and positioned on the area opposite the Peacock Public House where the Children and families gather for the school buses. It has been noted that on frequent occasions and particularly over the Christmas period that cars park in this area obstructing the view from the junction and causing a hazard. It is hoped that the bench will not only provide seating for those waiting for the bus but will prevent people parking in this way.

Marking Event It was proposed that a marking opportunity for equipment such as; mowers, chainsaws, bench saws etc. be included at the Village Breakfast on 30th January 2016 between 9 and 11am. Bob Church from Community Safety will be contacted along with Mick Shepperd to see if this is feasible.

The Leys Field - Stratford District Council’ s Policy Team have announced that they have a 5 year Housing Supply and as a consequence of this a number of applications for planning including the Leys Field will be reported back to Committee a new date will be confirmed.

Planning - Applications have been withdrawn for 2 dwellings at the rear of Oakwoods House, Green Land and dwellings on land off Church Lane. Permission has been granted for work to the Walnut tree at Meadow Cottage and tree work at Fexloe House.

Finance - The Precept was agreed for the financial year 2015/16 proposed by Carol Taylor and Seconded by Stewart Whittaker. The clerk’s wages were set at an annual figure.

WALC - It was decided not to join the Warwickshire Association for Local Councils at this point, this will be reviewed should the need arise.

Correspondence – Queens Birthday Celebrations – It was agreed that the Parish Council would explore how to apply for a grant in order to provide funds towards a village street party to Celebrate the Queens 90th birthday on a date between the 10th and 12th June.

A letter from the previous Clerk Angela Keen was received thanking the Parish Council for the garden vouchers.

Any Other business- The footpath on Main Street – Several comments have been made about the dangerous condition and risk of serious injury on this section of footpath. A letter expressing both the residents and Councils concern about the need for this to be rectified as soon as possible will be sent.

Road Edges – Concerns were also raised about the condition of the road edges for example, on the Whatcote Road on the bends as it leaves the village there is a drop of almost ˝ a foot. Highways will be notified of this.

Dates for future meetings 2016/17 - 8th March, 10th May, 12th July, 13th September, 8th November and 10th January 2017

The meeting closed at 9.20pm

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 8th March 2016 at 8:00pm in the Village Hall.

Lis Stuart
Parish Clerk

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