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April 2016

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Leys Field Update

For all the residents of Oxhill who are not in the village email loop, and after our Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 15 March, I thought I would just recap on the Leys Field situation.  On 25 February the Planning Application went back to committee to be reviewed.  Unfortunately at this meeting the rights of participation for the Parish Council and the public did not apply (apparently this is standard procedure).  I had previously had a meeting with our ward member Bart Della Mura, who made representation to the councillors on the committee on our behalf, to see if he could sway their previous decision.  The Parish Council also wrote to Robert Weeks (Head of Planning) reiterating the villagers’ concerns about this development.  I also spoke to Sarah Luckham, Senior Planner, about the application, and I understand that Mike Collins sent an email of concern to all the district councillors on the committee.  I am sad to say that this was all to no avail and the review was just a box-ticking exercise and in my opinion a complete waste of public money.  The application was endorsed, as were all the others under review.

Since that meeting I have had another long conversation with Sarah Luckham regarding the 106 Agreement to check it is still in place, and thankfully it is.  Basically this ensures that the area behind Whatcote Road and Main Street is kept as a ‘public area’.  There is also £26,000.00 set aside to create a ‘play area’ for young children.  My hopes are that, if a developer takes on this project, we can make the most of a bad lot and create some pleasant landscaping and perhaps a sensory garden/play area.  We must also bear in mind that full planning permission still has to be agreed, so the Parish Council and the village can have another say in the matter regarding style and layout.

I would also like to remind everyone that all Parish Council meetings are open to the public.  If you want to know what’s going on within the Parish come to the meetings.  You will not be able to speak during the meeting, but informal (un-minuited) conversations can be had afterwards.   If you wish to have something brought up in the meeting (when you will be able to speak), contact our clerk to have it put on the Agenda.

I would like to thank my fellow councillors for all their conscientious hard work, helpful observations, telephone conversations, emails, and general input that all goes on behind the scenes.

Grenville Moore

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