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April 2016

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Neighbourhood Watch Update

Itís only been a short time since Barbara and I started Oxhillís own Neighbourhood Watch and we have been surprised at how many people have asked to go on the email list.

Last week we attended a very interesting first Co-ordinatorís meeting at Stratford on Avon Police Station. Information was exchanged between a police Inspector, a police Sargent and a large group of co-ordinators. At the meeting we were offered Garden Shed Alarms at a discounted price of £10.00 and so we are going to try one out on your behalf and we will report back on it later through the emails.

Our past 3 years working for the Police and Crime Commissioner as Ambassadors, has put us in a unique position and we will be able to capitalise on this knowledge in our role as Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators. If you have any concerns that we cannot answer we will probably know someone who can.

Neighbourhood Watch aims to give you knowledge on what is happening in our area and beyond such as cyber crime.  We believe that Knowledge is Power. If you would like us to send you this Knowledge, just send an email to shipston@safetyambassadors.co.uk and we will add you to the list.

Mick & Barbara Shepard

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