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July 2016

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Speed Gun Results

Further to last month’s article, we can now report on the results of our efforts.

A total of 337 vehicles were logged and just 13 of these were over the limit – 3.8%.

Eight of these were on Green Lane and five on Whatcote Rd. Those caught over the limit will receive letters from the police but no prosecution.  The small group of volunteers were out checking the speed a total of ten times during the month of May, usually in early morning or late afternoon.

We were well aware that a higher percentage of motorists driving over the speed limit may well have been recorded if the camera warning signs we were obliged to put up in both directions of travel could have been omitted. However, the police who gave us the training have strict rules for the operation of the gun. We believe that had we operated “incognito” then the picture may well have been different. These signs did seem to make many drivers slow down, so more people may now be aware of the possibility of being caught. 

The Whatcote Rd ‘Drag Strip’ is still a problem to those who live on this road, and we will be exploring other means of slowing the traffic.

Alternatively, of course, the data could be interpreted that most people driving in, or through, the village are content to drive at around the speed limit. We would be interested in how others perceive the speeding in the village. Although plans for future speed monitoring are not yet finalised, we would be interested in hearing from other volunteers. The only requirements are some enthusiasm and the completion of a short training session in Shipston. If you are interested, please contact Phil Bunyan on 680093.

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