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October 2016

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David Whaley's Obituary 

We apologise to our readers for a mistake we made in David Whaley’s obituary last month.

David was not survived by his wife Eve, who in fact died in February 2009.  Thereafter David stayed on in the Old Rectory for some time, but when the fall of one of its chimneys necessitated major repairs, he moved for the last years of his life into a nursing home in Chipping Campden.   Eve and he had lived in the Old Rectory since 1967, and he was at one time churchwarden, a post to which Eve later succeeded him.

Thank you Ann Hale for writing to us.

David wrote his own obituary and submitted it to the Oxhill News years before he passed away. It is a bit too long for us to have included it in the printed version of the Oxhill News, but we will include it in the online issue of the Oxhill available to read at www.oxhill.org.uk. If you are interested in the history of aviation engineering, David’s story will thrill you.

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