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October 2016

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WOT2Grow - Community Orchard

We are well into harvesting the fruits of the orchard. The summer raspberries are finished but the autumn Joan J and All Gold are providing good fruit. They are not as prolific as in previous years but after some sun and rain the fruits are big and juicy. The yellow raspberries are still viewed with suspicion by many but they are truly delicious this year!

We have had several varieties of plums ripen but in very small quantities but at least they are fruiting. The pears have a small crop but as always the difficulty is knowing when to pick them before they are ripe as they go from ripe to rot in a very short space of time!

The apples are the stars this year with bumper crops of various varieties. We have picked the early ripeners like Discovery, Worcester Pearmain, Ellisonís Orange and Merton Worcester and even some of the cider apples are ripe and ready to gather in about a month early. We have many varieties that you wonít see in the shops or even in gardens these days so it is lovely to find new tastes.

Maintenance continues as always and we have tied in most of the new canes on summer raspberries and completed the logan and tay berry tying in. Pruning of the currants is next on the list! Summer pruning of the stone fruit has been completed and was not a small task as some of the trees had grown enormously this year due to the weather conditions.

Always lots to do at the orchard and lots to learn about growing fruit! Why not join us and benefit from the harvest

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