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November 2016

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Big Kids and Little Kids -

Apple day at the Orchard

October is the season of rich autumnal colours. Fruit is in abundance and often all over the grass on our lawns and paddocks. Apple Day is all about converting some of the harvest and the good wind fallen fruit to useful juice. We have held Apple Day’s for 5 years now. The weather has been bright, breezy if a little chilly by late afternoon. Here we were; Year 6 and putting up the Flower Show tent as the heavens were opening. Our luck had been used up!

Yet by 1.30pm the rain had cleared the sun came out and with it the machines that make up the magic of converting fallen apples into juice. These machines are big kids’ toys. They have wonderful names like scratters and presses. Many helping hands are needed to chop the fruit to feed the machines. Youngsters get to turn the handles on the machines, barrow away the spent fruit and join in the treasure hunt in the orchard to find missing pieces.

The fruit comes in trugs and bags from people’s gardens and this year we had a significant quantity of WOT2Grow fruit. Everyone brings along containers to carry away the juice, which is best consumed within 48 hours, or freeze it for a Christmas treat. We fortify ourselves with tea, coffee and cake and as much juice as you want. The cake and jam stall thrived as usual.

This is a high energy day and as if on cue the rain came back at 4pm to wash down the equipment! Thanks are due to all those who came along to enjoy the day, those who made the cakes and the Flower Show for the loan of their tent. Our next high energy event is the Wassail on January 21st 2017. In the meantime the Orchard goes peacefully back to a pleasant green and open space.

M Sanderson

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