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November 2016

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WOT2Grow - Community Orchard

There are very few raspberries left! It seems they donít know that autumn is only just upon us and as per previous years the second week in October sees the end of picking. Not the massive quantities of previous years but still a reasonable amount picked by the few regular workers at the orchard.

However this has been balanced by the apples and cider apples, what a great crop we have had and more to come. The cider apples, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill, Tom Putt, Kingston Black and Michelin have provided

enough fruit to make three demijohns of cider!!! Hopefully we have got it right and the Wassail, on Saturday January 21th 2017, will be the chance to sample it! We will also have mulled cider and apple juice.

A lot of the apples were used to make juice on Apple Day as although some of our members have been tasting the different varieties there were lots left over. We managed to pick some pears, Doyenne du Comice, Onward and Concord, before the birds got to them and although a small crop this year it is great that they have fruited as it can take many a year for them to produce!

Still have lots of maintenance to do and we need to complete tying in the canes on summer raspberries also pruning of the currants and gooseberries still needs to be done.

Our next project is getting under way as we plan our raised beds for planting blueberries. These are classed as a super fruit and will also give us the opportunity for people to learn about growing these lovely fruits.

Why not join us - If you need more info contact one of us

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080)

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