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December 2016

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St Lawrence Church Notes

Dear Friends,

Firstly, a big thank you to all those who helped fill a shoe box: we sent the tremendous number or 30 shoe boxes off to give Christmas presents to some in the poorest parts of Eastern Europe.

Secondly, a big invitation to our smallest people to be part of our Nativity Play in The Old Chapel on Sunday, December 11th at 9.30am.  Like last year, this is for everyone, so please just come and join in.  If necessary, we will have a practice on Friday, 9th at about 5.00pm

At Christmas, the church will be specially decorated and full to bursting to host a very special party a celebration of the time when God came to live among us. He came to be part of our everyday lives our struggles, joys, sorrows and disappointments. And he did so because he wants to be part of our lives, and to pour his blessings on us. During December, many are opening their homes to the Travelling Nativity, as Mary and Joseph travel throughout our villages, and we are encouraged to make room for the Christ-child.  That message continues: we are all asked to make room for the Christ-child in our homes and lives.

We hope you will be able to join us for the celebrations the Nativity Play, the Carol Service, and Christmas Day itself.

This, tonight,
is the meeting place of heaven and earth.

For this, tonight, is the stable in which God keeps his appointment to meet his people.

In an out of the way place
which folk never thought to visit -
there God kept and keeps his promise;
there God sends his son.

                 Cloth for the Cradle.

Have a very special Christmas,
Every blessing, Jill

Revd. Canon Dr. Jill Tucker, Rural Dean

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