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December 2016

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This is the time of year when we stop and pause in a precious perod of waiting for God to come into our homes and our lives. Then comes the celebration, as individuals, families, churches and communities, of God's arrival in the form of a baby. That will be happening in every church across the Deanery, so if you want to know more please do search out what your local church is doing.

Official Deanery events cease for a bit, until the next Synod which is on Tuesday February 7th, at 7.30 pm in St Edmund's Church Shipston.  Our theme that evening will be the environmental challenges facing our world, and our speaker will be Godfrey Armitage of the Diocesan Environmental Group - as everyone is invited to join us that evening.

In the meantime, an Advent poem:

Light looked down and saw darkness.
I will go there, said Light

Peace looked down and saw war.
I will go there, said peace.

Love looked down and saw hatred.
I will go there, said Love.

So he,
the Lord of Light,
the Prince of Peace,
the King of Love,
came down
and crept in
beside us.

 - John Bell, from Cloth for the Cradle, Iona Community

Have a blessed Advent and a wonderful Christmas, 

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