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December 2016

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What I did on My Holdays

Those of you who are used to seeing an elderly gent jogging round Oxhill may be interested to know that I have just been privileged to take part in one of the biggest sporting occasions of 2016, the World Masters Athletics Championships in Perth Australia. "Masters" are over 35 year olds who compete in 5 year age bands at regional, national and international level under the same rules governing the Olympics etc. (I think the oldest participant was 97, so I've got a bit to go yet).

4000 competitors with 3000 supporters from 90 countries descended on Perth for 10 days of competition and socialising. As it is all strictly amateur, with only local sponsorship for the event, it was of no interest to the media apart from the specialist sporting press - no bad thing in my opinion.

I took part in various events and was lucky enough to get a gold medal as part of the half-marathon team in my age category. I then retired to Brisbane to attempt to eat and drink my own weight with my elder brother who lives there, and have just got back.

If anyone is interested in taking their running (or jumping, or throwing) in a different direction, do please get in touch. And grateful thanks to all the drivers who have managed to avoid me for the last thirty years. More details of the event are on www.perth2016.com

Phil Brennan

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