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December 2016

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Oxhill Parish Council

Minutes of a meeting of Oxhill Parish Council held on

Tuesday 8th November at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

The meeting, chaired by Grenville Moore and was attended by Councillors Duncan Harper, Stuart Whittaker and Derek Harbour, apologies were received from Sue Hunt. Two members of the public attended.

Minutes Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

Matters arising

Parish Council Website The Parish Council now has a domain name and a website address, http://www.oxhillpc.uk, the website is in the process of being built and items will be added as and when appropriate. We would like to thank Mike Collins for his help in this endeavour.

Leys Field Update The Newt survey and the archaeological dig are both complete, items found were Roman, Medieval and Neolithic, a County archaeologist is being consulted about further works .

Benches and Planters - Further investigations will be made into low maintenance materials.

Speed of Vehicles A survey of average speeds through the village taken from sat nav recordings has been obtained along with the cost of monitoring speeds using a radar. Due to the lack of street furniture further investigation needs to be carried out, Transport and Highways will be contacted for more information. They will also be contacted in regard to moving the 30 mile an hour speed limit to beyond current and future dwellings.

Pay Phone Removal - Stratford District Council is proposing to remove pay phones from a number of villages, many of these as the box in Oxhill have not been used during the twelve month monitoring period. The Parish council will return a response to the consultation to remove the phone and box.

Planning Permission has been granted for: separate driveways for Plots 2 and 3 on the Green Lane

Planning pending Appeal for 2 detached houses at the rear of Oak woods House, Green Lane. Arboricultural works at Auchneiven House, Whatcote Road. A dwelling adjacent to Merrydown, Green Lane. Change of use to barns at Harrods Farm and a New dwelling at Hollies, Rouse Lane.


Mandate form - This has now been successfully completed, conformation is awaited.

Transparency Fund The Parish Council has been successful in its application for a grant for equipment to meet the requirements of Transparency legislation, the grant will cover the costs of a computer, scanner, printer, software, costs involved in setting up the website and the clerks wages to set up the website. The total received was 1012.00. The New Website will be complete in the New Year proposed by Derek Harbour and seconded by Duncan Harper. Costs of 42.91 to provide the domain name and website were paid.


Warwickshire Health Transport - Information has been received and placed on the village notice boards requesting that volunteers come forward to help less mobile members of the community by providing transport to medical appointments.

Gritting Routes Information about routes which will be gritted in bad weather has been received. This will be available on the notice boards. A reminder that the road from Oxhill to Kineton via Herds hill will not be gritted.

WRHA Rural Housing report the link will be sent to all councillors.

Road Closure The Road closure on Back Lane currently in place for underground cabling has an end date of the 5/12/16.

Any other Business

Bus Time table The bus time table has been changed, causing difficulties for less mobile residents to access transport, information regarding new times will be included in the Oxhill News.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.10 pm. Date of the next meeting 10th January 8.00pm in the Village Hall.

Matters raised by the members of the public attending

The Cherry Tree, Whatcote Road The Cherry Tree has now been pruned to prevent damage when the site on the Leys Field is accessed by works vehicles. The developer has reassured residents that work will be carried out giving consideration to the tree.

Lis Stuart
Parish Clerk

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