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December 2016

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WOT2Grow - Community Orchard

What a busy time now that the weather has cooled and the first frosts are upon us. The orchard is looking good as we go through the autumn colours and leaf drop, the plums and similar fruit lost theirs first followed by some apples, pears and cherries. Although there are some apples still to be picked most of the work is in tidying up and starting the winter maintenance. Weeds and grass need to be pulled from the edges and around the trees, pruning can start on the currants and gooseberries and the messy task of putting glue round the trunks of the fruit trees to catch the winter moth as she climbs up has been done. The herbs have been cut back in the sensory garden and the bees have been tucked up in their hives! 

The apples and pears have been superb with a really good harvest which has balanced out the lower yields on the raspberries and gooseberries. Such is nature in regulating the amount of fruit each year helped by our pruning, thinning and cultivation!! We are also learning what enjoys being on the orchard site and what finds it a challenge.

The blueberry project has laid out the areas and cleared the old canes, posts and wires ready for the contractor to come along and build the raised beds. A very exciting project which will add another fruit for people to try fresh from the bush rather than from the supermarket.

We will be Wassailing on Saturday January 21st 2017 see separate article and look for posters as we want as many people as possible to join us.

Also we have our AGM on Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 7:30pm in Tysoe Village Hall so come and have your say.

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080)

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