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February 2004


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Poetry Corner - The Shades of Night

Take Two

The shades of night were falling fast
  And the rain was falling faster,
When through an Alpine village passed
  An Alpine village pastor;
A youth who bore mid snow and ice
  A bird that wouldn't chirrup,
And a banner, with the strange device
  'Mrs. Winslow's soothing syrup.

''Beware the pass,' the old man said,
  'My bold and desperate fellah;
Dark lowers the tempest overhead,
  And you'll want your umberella;
And the roaring torrent is deep and wide
  You may hear how it washes.'
But still that clarion voice replied:
  'I've got my old goloshes.'

'Oh stay,' the maiden said, 'and rest
  (For the wind blows from the nor'ward)
Thy weary head upon my breast
  And please don't think me forward.'
A tear stood in his bright blue eye
  And gladly he would have tarried;
But still he answered with a sigh:
  'Unhappily I'm married.'

A. E. Housman

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