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January 2007

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Vicarage Notes

Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks go to all who shared in the special services and activities over Christmas, and to all the flower arrangers and decorators at St. Lawrence’s, which looked beautiful. My thanks for the warm welcome at the Christmas lunch, which was a wonderful spread – congratulations to the workers!

Thought for the month

I have to say that in Brailes we have nothing to match the superb oxhill.org.uk website, with all its news, views and accessible historical info.  However, the “Feldon News” often contains extracts from the parish magazine from 50 or 100 years ago, as my set goes back to 1886.  Back in January 1957 Canon Philip Kemp, the Vicar of St.George’s, wrote about “clinging firmly to the message of Christmas as we face the anxieties and uncertainties in the world at large”.  I suspect that the Vicar in 1907 may also have echoed that thought as indeed we do today, at the beginning of 2007.  That Christian message assures us of God’s love and care, and also reminds us to work constantly for good – “blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness”

God bless,

Nicholas Morgan, 01608 685230

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