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February 2007

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Festival Choir

I would just like to say thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen who sang in the Choir at the Carol Service.  Several of our long-standing members were committed elsewhere on that evening and it was touch and go as to whether there would be a Choir for the Carol Service at all.  However, we persuaded various 'volunteers' from far and wide to join us and we are most grateful to them.  I am also extremely grateful to Jill Tucker who, despite her very busy timetable, helped and guided us through all our rehearsals.  Jill, we could not have done it without you.  I would also like to thank Rev. Nicholas Morgan who took over the helm of our valiant little ship at the final rehearsal and steered us serenely through to our final harbour. 

Thank you to everyone in the choir for their hard work and effort over several weeks to ensure that the Carol service maintained its reputation as a lovely musical event.

Gaynor Van Dijk


On behalf of the choir I would like to thank Jill Tucker for helping us with our practices and Gaynor for her hospitality in sharing her house with us for them and for the party after the Carol Service.

Ros Henry

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