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July 2007

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Scarecrow Weekend - Teas & Cakes

 A big big thank you to all of you who helped make the weekend such a success.

Thanks to you all who slaved away over hot stoves in order to provide us with the delicious cakes we are famous for.  Although the weather at times was against us the village hall was full of people looking for teas and cakes.  Can you believe we ran out of scones on Saturday and people had to be dispatched to bake more! Much appreciated everyone!

Thanks to all of you who lugged tables and chairs around, set them up and arranged the flowers, and of course a big thanks to the merry band who served the teas and cakes, did battle with the tea urn (a health and safety nightmare) and the valiant who donned the marigolds.  You are too numerous to mention individually but your help and support is greatly appreciated.   

And finally a big thank you to Lilian who is the mastermind behind the whole event.  She's already planning next year so beware!

Thanks again everyone we couldn't do it without you!

Gaynor Fila

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