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February 2008

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Festival Choir

Apologies for the late entry, Christmas was so busy I missed the deadline.

Well done everyone!  The Christmas Carol service was wonderful and the choir's anthems went very well indeed.  It was particularly noticeable that with our new male recruits the balance of the four parts was much better than in previous years when the ladies have greatly outnumbered the gentlemen.  Thank to everyone who made valiant efforts to attend the rehearsals.  Particular thanks must go to Joyce who put us through our exercises with such enthusiasm and dedication, to Sophie and John Roberts for their brilliant accompaniment on the organ and trumpet and also to Jill Tucker for lending us the chapel, the piano and even herself for our rehearsals.  I am sure everyone will agree that it was well worth all our efforts.

Someone left a purple robe at my house after the choir party.  If it is yours please let me know, otherwise I will keep it for next year.  I would be grateful if everyone with a robe could contact me so I can keep a tally of who has one and who does not.  I might be able to arrange to get a few more if they are needed as our choir continues to grow. 

Remember to keep Tuesday nights free in November for this year's Carol Service!!

Gaynor Van Dijk

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