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March 2008

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Village Hall

Holdsworth Windows, of Shipston, have now replaced the remaining old and rusting frames with new double-glazed units – ones where the opening lights actually close again.  This should reduce the draughts in the hall considerably.

Robin Teall has done a great of work recently, putting in additional electrical sockets in the main hall and updating the electrical systems generally.  All the sockets are now controlled by the coin-in-the-slot meter in the lower left-hand corner of the electricity cupboard, so when you hire the hall it is a good idea to have a few £1 coins handy.  They are needed for cooking and boiling the kettle as well as heating – unless, of course, there are enough units left over from the last users.  We are grateful to Robin for all the extra hours he has put in on this work, and particularly for spotting the fault in the main switchbox and dealing with it before another fire broke out!

The frost protection systems have also been upgraded and a new mains water on/off control installed.  This latter does away with the need to grovel on the kitchen floor to turn the water on or off; a simple click on a switch above the sink does the job.  The switch is labelled to tell you how it works, but a ‘Sheet for Users’ is in preparation explaining everything you need to know about the hall.

The passage down the side and round the back of the hall has been cleared and further work will be carried out when the weather warms up a bit more.  We are grateful to Basil Hillman for his assistance here.

George Adams

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