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April 2008

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Vandalism Again

Spray-paint has appeared on the road surface at the junction of Main Street and Gilkes Lane.  The vandalism was carried out either by a very grubby little boy or by an adult half-wit in need of psychiatric help.

The police are aware of this latest vandalism and are undoubtedly not short of suspects.  They are short of witnesses and are encouraging all to be alert to this sort of behaviour and to absurdly bad and reckless driving which they also wish to eradicate with the help of the community.

Sgt. Darren Fretwell, based at Shipston, can be called on 01789 414111 Ext. 4588 or faxed on 01926 415728.  His voicemail number is 11740 and his email address is darren.fretwell@warwickshire.pnn.police.uk.

I am regularly lectured by Darren Fretwell on the low level of reporting of incidents from the community.  He assures me that the police are very keen to pursue local offenders, but his efforts, and those of his officers, are restricted if no intelligence from the village is forthcoming.

David Hill, Chairman, Oxhill Parish Council

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