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December 2008

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West Midlands Ambulance Service Responders

As you may have noticed our contact details now appear on the back page of the Oxhill News, so you will always know where to find it in an emergency.

If a medical emergency happens, FIRST CALL 999

This starts the Ambulance coming to you.  Any time, day or night, please still call us using the number 07977149317; we will come, and be with you long before the Ambulance arrives.  If Iím not home Barbara could be, but as volunteers we cannot guarantee always to be at home and available.

We are also happy to treat MINOR, non life-threatening, FIRST AID injuries.

Many of you have already registered your willingness to help should an emergency happen to our community or Country, and, if our emergency services become stretched, having a community spirit to fall back on would be extremely helpful to us all.  We all could have some thing to offer should we have to fall back on our own resources.  Your name and contact details are kept by me and would only be used should the need arise.  I would be happy to discuss my thoughts behind this any evening.  Please call me at home on 01295 680644,
Email, viper @ viperrecovery.co.uk.

Our own Air Ambulance Service is based out of Coventry, thatís 4 minutes flying time to us.  Itís been to us a few times this year already.  It totally relies on charity, your charity!

A very happy, safe and Healthy Christmas to you all,

Mick & Barbara Shepard, 3, The Leys, Oxhill,CV350QX

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