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March 2009

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You May be Entitled to Benefit

Worried that your bills are going up?  Struggling to pay the cost of your Council Tax or your rent?  You may be entitled to extra money to help you meet these costs.

We at your local Council are running a campaign to let you know what you can claim.  Many local people are missing out!  We are working together with an independent voluntary organisation called Warwickshire Welfare Rights Advice Service to offer you FREE advice on whether you can get this extra cash.  It is called Council Tax Benefit and Housing Benefit.

What is Council Tax Benefit?

Council Tax Benefit helps to reduce the amount of Council Tax that you have to pay.  You can get it if you are liable to pay Council Tax and your income is low enough.  It does not matter whether you own your property or rent it and you can get it even if you are working.

If you qualify the payment is made directly to your Council Tax account to reduce your bill.

What is Housing Benefit?

Housing Benefit is paid to help you meet the cost of your rent.  It can be paid in addition to other social security benefits or Tax Credits, or just by itself.  It is paid if your income is low enough, even if you are in full-time work.  You could get all of your rent paid by Housing Benefit or part of the cost, depending on your circumstances.

How do you apply?

If you think that you could be entitled to either benefit then send your contact details to:

Warwickshire Welfare Rights Advice Service,

Freepost CV2104, Nuneaton CV11 5BR

Douglas Nethercleft, VLO

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