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March 2009

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As we rambled through the alphabet of shrubs and climbing plants with Margaret Morris I became overwhelmed with admiration that anyone could remember not only names (and Latin ones, at that), but also habitats, growing conditions, colours and alternatives.

Of course, this is down to an absolute passion for the subject and many years of experienced growing and tending plants.  Mrs Morris brought books for reference, but she needs none of these, being an absolute mine of real information.  We look forward to trying to propagate some of the seeds she introduced us to and hope we can nurture them in our very difficult growing conditions.

Everyone is welcome at next month’s AGM in the Village Hall on March 19th at 7.30 p.m.  The meeting will include cheese and wine and a tabletop sale.

Please note that items for the sale need to be labelled with member letter and price, and that the club will take 20% of the proceeds this time.  

Ann Saxton

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