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February 2010

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Oxhill Festival Choir

Apologies for the late inclusion of this entry there appears to be an e-mail problem.

Thank you everyone for a splendid performance at the Carol Service last month.  Every year I worry if we will be desperately short in one part, or indeed if enough people will turn up to produce a half decent choir, and every year everyone rallies themselves to attend the rehearsals and produce a wonderful evening.

Thanks must go in particular this year to George for his magnificent solo and for composing one of our carols, to Joyce and Philippa for guiding us expertly through three new carols and to Colin and Jill for allowing us to use the Old Chapel for our rehearsals much appreciated in the cold weather.

Thank you everyone for your superb effort.  See you again next year!

Gaynor Van Dijk

[I am pleased to say that the e-mail problems mentioned by Gaynor seem to be sorted now.  The problem was a major server crash at our ISP which left the News, and Gwyn and myself, bereft of e-mails for a week.  It seemed longer at the time. Ed.]

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