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The Church Clock (100 years old)

A plaque at the rear of the church indicates that the clock was commissioned by Charles Henry Price and installed in the tower in memory of his mother Jane Price who died in March 1910.  It is a Three Train Turret Clock that strikes out the hour and marks the quarter, half, and three quarter hour with two, four and six strikes of two bells.  It is manually wound every week.

It was built by John Smith & Sons of the Midland Clock Works Derby and is dated 1910 on the setting dial.  Hand written notes on the inside of the door of the clock box record that the makerís representative, J.E. Howard Smith visited Oxhill to overhaul the clock on the fifth of December 1946.  The clock again received the attention of J.E.H. and J.N.W. Smith on the twenty-seventh of June 1963.

The village funded a complete overhaul of the clock as a millennium project. It was stripped, cleaned and rebuilt on St. George's Day 1999.  The clock face and hands were restored and re-gilded on the tenth of September 1999.  All works were completed by P.A. Meecham.  The clock was rededicated during a special service at 12 noon on New Years Day 2000. A plaque has been installed at the rear of the church to record the event.

                Mike Collins

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