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February 2011

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Advice from Warwickshire County Council Trading Standards Service

The Digital Switchover

In the Central TV Region, the digital switchover is due to begin on March 30th 2011 (although the date will vary within Warwickshire).

Warwickshire Trading Standards Service is concerned that some rogue traders and dodgy sales people will use digital switchover as an opportunity to sell householders equipment, for example, new televisions, video recorders and aerials that they may not actually need.
They are also concerned that rogue traders may use the opportunity to falsely claim their property requires other work doing while 'installing' a new aerial, for example, roofing or guttering work.

If you only have analogue TV Services (four or five channels) any TV you want to keep watching after the switchover will need to be converted with a digital box.  If you already have more than five standard TV channels on all your TV sets, then you are probably ready for switchover.

Trading Standards advises:

Most TVs can be converted by the use of a digital set top box - don't be conned into buying a new TV.

Your video / DVD recorder should still work but you probably won't be able to record one channel while watching another - to do this you will need a digital TV recorder.

If you're buying a new TV or recorder, look for the digital TV tick (to show it works with digital TV).

Don't be persuaded to buy a new aerial from a doorstep trader.  Most aerials will continue to work - check the strength first by visiting teletext p284.  If you do need to upgrade, make sure you choose a Registered Digital Installer.

For more advice on problems with shopping or buying services, contact Consumer Direct on 08454 04 05 06

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