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September 2011

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Vicarage Notes

Dear friends,

St.Lawrence’s Day – August 10th

I was pleased that a good congregation was able to share in and enjoy our patronal Festival Service. Do book August 12th next year – we’ll try and make this day a regular occasion.

Harvest Festival

All are very welcome to the special service on the 25th and gifts towards the decoration of the Church are much appreciated.

National concerns

In Brailes Parish News 1911, the Vicar expressed concern about industrial unrest across the country. As the awful scenes of a few weeks ago remind us, the lessons of history have not yet been learned. It’s easy to pontificate – solving the problems is going to be a huge challenge – the breakdown of family life, the lack of respect for people and property and the disappearance of the guiding principles that should create a healthy society.

The “send in the troops” reaction may produce some short term security, and, certainly, human rights must be balanced by human responsibility. However, the government (of any political opinion) needs to re-inforce the founding (and Christian) principles of our nation through educational, social and financial guidelines and legislation.

100 years ago, the Vicar expressed the prayer that all should live together in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding – working together for the common good. Nothing changes!

God bless,

Nicholas Morgan    01608 685230

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