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December 2011

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Diocesan Synod met on 5th November: a primary part of the debate concerned the Legislation for the Ordination and Consecration of Women to the Episcopate.  After an extensive and high quality debate, the measure that would permit this was carried: 71 votes in favour, 6 against and 5 abstentions.

A following motion, to Ďensure that those unable on theological grounds to accept the ministry of women bishops are able to receive Episcopal oversight from the bishop with authority conferred by the Measure rather than by delegation from a Diocesan Bishopí was rejected: 17 votes in favour, 58 votes against, 3 abstentions.

In between these two key votes, Synod also voted to affirm that all faithful Anglicans should remain and thrive together in the Church of England, to support efforts being made by the Diocese to achieve reconciliation, and called for sufficient provision to be made for those who in conscience cannot agree with the measure.   This is really important: it is crucial that we continue to focus on the task of sharing the Gospel with those around us, while continuing to acknowledge the distress that differences between us on this issue can cause.  I pray that we can hold one another together in love, with a sense of Godís grace, and through that grace, especially as this goes through to the General Synod next July.

An advance notice that the next Deanery Synod will be on Tuesday 31st January at 7.30pm at St. Edmundís church, Shipston. 

Finally, may I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas, as we celebrate once again the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ into a world that so desperately needs to know Him. 


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