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May 2013

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WOT2Grow Your Community Orchard

We are all waiting to get into the garden and get stuck into all those jobs that need doing! Things are just the same at the orchard as there is quite a bit to do to manage the 2 acres and the weather has really not been helpful. A few better days have encouraged some members to come along and start the tasks but we are a bit behind in hitting those weeds and importantly the grass that has encroached on to the rows of bushes and canes. But progress is being made and we have started the feeding before the warmer and wetter weather hits us! Mulching will follow as we top up our supplies with more “green waste” produced from the Council recycling scheme.

The trees are looking good and everything is just about to burst into life so the next few weeks will see a transformation. The canes and bushes already have small green leaves which shows how well they have survived the very cold, long winter.

We have also levelled the footpath running along the west side of the orchard so the access through the pedestrian gate is now easier for push chairs, pedestrians and mowers!!

Why not come and see what we have done – the changes are significant – and think about seeing how you can contribute to your Community Orchard. Every little helps!

From Wednesday 15th May we will have an evening session from 7:00pm  alternating with the 10:00am  session. Also from Sunday 29th May we will have an afternoon session starting at 2:00pm alternating with the 10:00am session.

See us at www.wot2grow.co.uk

If you would like more details please contact one of the following who are co-ordinating the community involvement

Liz Atkinson (680045), Paul Sayer (680451), Sue and Mike Sanderson (688080), Graham Collier (680127), Julia Stirman (01608 686776), Pam Bennett (01608 685606)

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