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July 2013

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Good Afternoon

Please, may I have my thanks recorded in the next issue of ON for the help I received in running the car-parking over the weekend 15th & 16th June by those who gave up their time on the two days? It went very well in spite of the verbal abuse we sometimes received both out in Main Street and in Mrs Rodwell's fields. A report will follow for the PCC to consider for any future event. We had no end of problems with people unable, and unwilling, to abide by the one way system; many chose to ignore the no entry signs too, which in the case of an unauthorised food vendor's van almost had me knocked down.

No doubt Lillian Welsby will let you know what the final 'take' was from the two days. She too, and her helpers, had to endure moments of difficulty. Today, I took two boxes of unsold bric-a-brac items (scheduled for the tip) to the Wellesbourne Hospice shop where they said use

could be made of them. So, another charity will gain a small amount from another's generosity in donating the items to the village weekend in the first place.

Best wishes - Johan Van Dijk


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