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Electoral Roll

Notice is hereby given that the Electoral Roll of the Church of St Lawrence is open for revision according to the following timetable:

The existing (2014) parish Electoral Roll will be on display on the Church notice board on or before 1st March 2015.

All persons who wish to have their names entered on the roll and who are not already included thereon are asked to complete an application form (available at the back of the Church) and return it to the undersigned prior to 29th March on which date the new (2015) roll will be published and put on display.

The Church Annual General Meeting (to which everyone is invited!) is scheduled to take place on Sunday 12th April at 6.30pm (or thereabouts) following a short service starting (for definite) at 6pm conducted by the Reverend Jill Tucker.  After the (short) AGM, wine will flow and cheese (etc.) be made available to encourage discourse and an harmonious gathering of friends of St Lawrence!

Douglas Nethercleft
Electoral Roll Officer

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