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April 2015

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New Exhibits at Compton Verney

As Oxhill News co-editor I was lucky enough to be invited to Compton Verney’s new exhibition for the new season ahead of its opening to the public. We were shown the new exhibits by the director of the museum as well as the head curators of each exhibit. It has been a few years since I’ve been to Compton Verney – and though my memory of the museum is wonderful (especially the grounds) I was blown away by the refurbishment, new displays and brilliant new plans for the grounds.

It was my first viewing of the works of the painter Canaletto. Not only was the collection of his work outstanding but there were 3 rooms showing his brilliant canvases! There were also 3 rooms of modern photos and over 100 ancient Chinese artefacts (in 2 brand new beautiful display rooms). And in the garden there is 5 metre high Corn Dolly – in a full length white dress! This was not the Compton Verney I remember. I’ve always loved the museum – mostly for its grounds, but that day I couldn’t get enough of the indoor collections.  

If you’re looking for something fun and entertaining to do, somewhere beautiful to walk and some great food to eat – local and lovely Compton Verney is the place to visit!


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