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May 2016

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Minutes of a Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 15th March at 8.00pm in the Chapel.

The meeting, chaired by Grenville Moore and was attended by Councillors David Hill, Carol Taylor and Sue Hunt, apologies were received by Stuart Whittiker. One member of the public attended.

Minutes – Minutes of the previous meeting were read, agreed and signed.

Matters arisingFootpath on Main Street - The Parish Council is aware that a number of concerns have been expressed about the footpath in Main Street near to Peacock Cottages and the danger of serious injury. These concerns have been raised with the Highways Department on a number of occasions. We have been assured that these repairs are ‘in the system’. We continue to advise highways of the danger of injury and lobby for early repairs.

Bench – Stratford District Council have been contacted and agreeable to the location of the bench, they have advised that the Highways Department be contacted so that checks can be carried out for cables etc. Following this the bench can be positioned and fixed appropriately.

Queen’s Birthday Celebration – There is a meeting of volunteers next week. Information re-funding will be sent to Sue Hunt so that it can be disseminated at the meeting.

Rural Housing Questionnaire- There was a 36% return of completed surveys the data from these will be collated and the final report issued before Easter. The findings will be discussed at the May Council meeting.

Planning – Applications refused for a new dwelling on the Green lane, the other current application has been review and is pending a decision. Applications have been received for work to the Cherry Tree at Gateways and for alteration and conversion of the redundant carpenters shop to provide residential accommodation.

Finance – Payments were made for the printing of the Oxhill News from October 2015 to March 2016. Also, contributions towards the costs mowing of both the Church Yard and the Village hall Land for the 2015.

Any Other business- Road Markings on the corner of Green Lane and Church Lane- These have been eroded and this appears to be causing confusion for drivers as to the right of way. A letter will be sent to Highways highlighting this.

Neighbourhood Watch – A sum of money has been offered towards this, it has been requested that the Parish Council are the executors of this. In order to do this the Parish Council needs to ensure effective governance processes are in place for the use of these and any other funds. The coordinator will be contacted to ensure that the appropriate protocols are in place in line with the Transparency Policy.

Traffic Awareness – There is a meeting on the 15th April when the dates for the use of the cameras will be decided. They are available during May, the Police will confirm the dates and agree the positioning.

The Leys Field- An item will be placed in the Oxhill News regarding this matter.

Village engagement in the Parish Council meetings – several ideas were discussed and will considered by Councillors. A small ‘poster’ will be included in the Oxhill News at the beginning of each month when there is a meeting in order to raise the profile of the meeting.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th May 2016 at 8:00pm in the Village Hall.

7.30pm Annual Parish Council Meeting

8.00pm Parish Council Meeting.

Lis Stuart
Parish Clerk

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