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January 2003


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Care in the Community

As you are all aware, our Postgirl Jackie has been given an unwarranted, unexpected and unwanted present in the form of a complaint regarding the involvement of her husband and daughter in the delivery of Christmas mail in Oxhill.

The nature of the complaint which regards supposed security is both, shameful and disgraceful, and also unworthy of anyone who is privileged to live in our community.

I have headed this article 'Care in the Community' for that is exactly what Jackie has been and is concerned with. Not only does she deliver the post to the satisfaction of us all with a great deal of forethought, but she keeps a close eye on the needs of individual residents, especially the elderly: moreover, her cheerful smile which brightens up the most dismal of days is a real tonic: further, her general helpfulness is an essential part of caring in our community.

It may not be realised, particularly by newcomers to the village, that Jackie and her family are 'Oxhill folk', that although she moved to Kineton to be the better able to care for her grandmother, her heart is still in Oxhill; she keeps her animals here, and her daughter goes to Tysoe School. Jackie is an integral part of our community.

The complaint was about security - what nonsense! I recall working in a sorting office and doing delivery rounds at Christmas when I was a University Student on vacation; we students handled all different sorts of mail, e.g. registered, confidential etc:- at no time were we required to sign the Official Secrets Act!

I find it difficult to believe that any Oxhill resident would behave in such a way: surely, anyone concerned should have mentioned - their concerns to Jackie directly rather than going behind her back. Inevitably one wonders who might have made the complaint to the Royal Mail, and inevitably there will be suspicions. It is thought that a possible contender is perhaps a newcomer to our rural community, a community which welcomes all manner of folk who wish to live here. There are, however, unwritten rules of conduct, one of which is mutual trust and respect; unfortunately this necessary part of good relationships in a caring community has been breached.

We can do without this sort of behaviour in Oxhill. A personal apology to Jackie and a written withdrawal of the complaint would go some way to restore credible relationships in Oxhill.

Russen Thomas.


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