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July 2003


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Notes of the Annual Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Held on Tuesday 13th May 2003 at 8pm in the Village Hall

Apologies were received from Tom Heritage. All other Councillors were present.

Election of Officers: David Hill was re-elected Chairman for the forthcoming year, and Tom Heritage was re-elected Vice-Chairman.

Matters discussed

Parish Meeting: Five people from the village attended the Parish Meeting on 8th April. Items discussed were: speed of traffic, dogs fouling verges and planning matters.

Traffic Speed: The general feeling of the village seems to be that we donít want traffic calming systems installed but would prefer speed reducing request signs. The use of mobile indicators identifying speed of passing traffic was discussed. This is used in other counties. The Parish Council would look into its availability and possible use in the village.

Dog Fouling: Provision of bins had been discussed at the Parish Meeting and the costs had been obtained. The main concern is where to place them and provision of emptying them. A Bye Law is in place through the centre of the village against dogs fouling pavements and instances of this can be reported to the District Council who are obliged to act upon such information. However, we would hope that all dog owners take responsibility for cleaning up after their pets, which the majority already do.

Communal AED Equipment: The Parish Council would like to apologies to Mr. Eastaugh for any misunderstanding in its discussions on the possible provision of AED equipment for village use. We did not intend to be antagonistic but following discussions at the March P.C. Meeting and receiving differing views from members of the village, felt it could not take the matter further as a Parish Council. This is not say that the matter could not be pursued elsewhere.

Finance: Mandatory Insurance was renewed at £216.83, Clerks honorarium and expenses were paid at £150, £450 was paid for 2002 season of mowing the churchyard, a grant of £500 was made towards the refurbishment of the village hall, and £100 was paid towards producing the Oxhill News

Planning: Unrestricted occupancy of properties at Stonecroft had been refused planning permission in line with the Structure Plan. 

The unpleasant smell reported in the village was caused by the use of crop fertilization which dispersed after a few days

Items on the Notice Board

Subsidised Driving Lessons. Connexion is an initiative to help young persons to find jobs and pursue training by subsidising driving lessons.

Compost Bins and Water Butts. Many villagers have already benefited from the S.D.C. subsidised compost bins and water butts. These can be obtained from local garden centres.

Chipping Norton Theatre Programme. Although the Parish Council has not offered financial support to this theatre we have agreed to post their programme of events.

Date of next meeting:

Tuesday 8th July 2003 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

Angela Kean, Clerk

Editor's Note

I apologise to Angela for the late appearance of this item. She got it to me in plenty of time, and I simply forgot to put it into last monthís issue.

George Adams

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