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October 2003


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WI Report

We met up again after our summer break and, for the first time, used the new kitchen, which was much approved of.

The President welcomed three visitors for the evening, but thought that we should all have been in London for the opening night of ‘The Calendar Girls’.  Perhaps we will make do with Banbury Cinema.

“Hats” were our topic for the evening, and Jan Monk, a hat maker herself, gave us a brief history of hat making and how the saying ‘Mad as a hatter’ came into use.  It was the use of mercury, which damaged the brain and caused loss of memory.  Rosemary Brown then became our willing mannequin for the evening, and every hat she wore seemed to suit her.  The fun really started in our social time when most of us had a ‘trying on session’, but we didn’t suit all of the hats.

Our next meeting, on 1st October, is Member’s Night, when Oxhill members will entertain us.  Visitors will, as usual, be very welcome.

Philippa Robinson

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