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Broadband Access for Tysoe Exchange

BT announced last month that the “trigger point” for upgrading the Tysoe telephone exchange to offer broadband access is to be 200.   This means that if 200 BT telephone line subscribers connected to the Tysoe exchange register an interest in Broadband the appropriate equipment will be installed at the exchange and all internet users will be able to benefit from the improved service.

Lack of Broadband connectivity is a problem for rural communities – especially businesses where the present very slow access speeds inhibit transfer of data and discourage the establishment of any business needing to use present-day information technology tools like computer aided design, let alone encouraging the development of higher technology enterprises.

For home internet users Broadband offers a vastly improved downloading speed as well as allowing a single telephone line to be used simultaneously for both telephone calls and internet access.  Broadband is no longer particularly expensive – Tiscali are offering always-on Broadband connection for under £16 a month, which is only one pound more than Clara currently charge me for the slow and flaky I currently have.

To date (end of November 2003) there are just over 100 expressions of interest registered with BT – so we are slightly over halfway to the trigger point.  At that we are ahead of Kineton (158 registered, trigger point 500).

If you already use the Internet please take the time to register an interest in getting Broadband into the village.  Most Internet Service Providers are promoting Broadband connections and normally all you need to do to register your interest is to log onto the appropriate link and type in your telephone number.  Otherwise go to the BT site www.bt.com and follow the links there.

Another way of registering would be to complete the sheets available in the shops in Tysoe, or to let me have your name, address (including post-code) and telephone number.

It is particularly important if you are running your own business – I’m told that there are nearly 70 businesses connected to the Tysoe exchange.  If all of these register only about one fifth of the approximately 600 domestic subscribers need to respond before the trigger point is passed and the whole community gains this increasingly essential facility.

Please help by registering your own interest and encourage any internet users known to you to do the same.

George Adams

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