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January 2006


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I have been getting a little bored with the appearance of the News recently, and January seems a pretty good month in which to make a few changes.  Not too many, you understand, just a little tinkering round the edges.  So you might notice that this edition looks a little different.  Or then again you might not.  If I get strident complaints I will consider going back.

Apart from the fire at the village hall, which effectively occupies one third of this issue, little of great import seems to have happened in Oxhill this last month.  Judging by the thinness of the 'What's On' section, it looks as though precious little is due to happen in the New Year either.  If you know of any upcoming events, please let me know.  Preferably before the month in which they happen.

During the course of a year there are many people who contribute greatly to the Oxhill News, and I would like to take this opportunity of offering my thanks to all of them for the help they have given me over the last twelve months.  It is difficult, not to say dangerous, to mention names; there is always the danger of offending someone by accidentally leaving them out.  So please excuse me if I chicken out and simply thank all the contributors for the last year, the stalwart band of delivers, now no longer Joy's Ladies (Gwyn's Girls?), the Parish Council for picking up the tab and, of course, that vital ingredient the proof-reader.  You have no idea what an error-strewn rag you would have without the latter!

A Happy New Year to all our readers.

George Adams

The Webmaster would also like to apologise for the late arrival of the News on the web site. Many reasons for the delay including a stay in hospital!

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