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January 2006


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Senior Citizens' Christmas Lunch

From the Committe

Many thanks to those people who attended the village hall on the Sunday to decorate the hall and tables for the Monday lunch; we had no idea what was about to happen!

All started well with the dinner arriving and cooking happening (thanks to all those who cooked and prepared the food), carols were playing, sherry was being served.  And then the power disappeared.  I hasten to add that this was not the fault of the cooks.

Upon looking into the problem we found that the village hall was on fire!  A hasty and well-ordered evacuation took place under the guidance and instruction of the urbane Chairman of the Parish Council and the fire brigade was summoned.  Four appliances arrived, with Shipston (20 minutes) beating Wellesbourne (25 minutes) and Stratford (30 minutes) to the punch.  A water bowser arrived from Stratford a few minutes later, with the head honcho with the white helmet in close pursuit.  Apparently the rules are that for fires in public buildings a minimum of three appliances have to attend, and the village hall is of course a public building.  The Shipston contingent rapidly dealt with the fire, Wellesbourne and Stratford looking on with admiration.

It was very clear that the original Lunch in the hall had become a non-starter, or at least a non-finisher.  Although fire damage as such was confined to the lobby area there was no light, no heat, and the inside of the hall was covered with a fine layer of greasy sooty debris.  In true Oxhill fashion Oxhillians came to the rescue.  Many many thanks must go to Diana Cronin, who opened her home to provide warmth and comfort (and apparently Christmas cheer see later articles) to those chilled by standing outside the hall watching events unfurl.

Many prospective diners (lunchers?) naturally enough went home, and Jill Tucker arrived to invite those who gritted their teeth and stuck it out to the Old House.  There turkey and pork baps (fortunately never exposed to the air inside the hall, so still perfectly edible) were served, along with suitable liquid refreshment, to about a quarter of the original contingent.  Contrary to views stated elsewhere in this publication the servers did not outnumber the diners, though it was a pretty close-run thing.

May I conclude by also thanking all those people that cooked, came to help on the day to work in the village hall, and who donated food, crackers and wine.

Heard during the fire, "At last the village hall is serving red wine at room temperature".  You can't keep Oxhill down for long.

Keith Seabridge

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