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October 2007

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Thought for the month

Some years ago, a London newspaper offered a prize for the best definition of money. The winner wrote as follows: money is an instrument that can buy you everything but happiness and pay your fare to every place but heaven. Musing upon this neat adage I did hope that the winner remembered his words when the prize was collected!

Occasionally a Biblical proverb is misquoted as ‘ money is the root of all evil’. It is, of course, ‘love of money’ or cupidity, which is that root. The Bible instructs us about the priorities we should have in life and the 10 commandments are the advised place to start.

The Flower Festival

On behalf of all who enjoyed a lovely weekend, may I thank Lilian Welsby and the team who worked so hard to create the marvellous festival of crafts and flowers with a harvest theme. Thanks also to those who provided the teas! Although we didn’t have as many visitors as hoped, it was a very happy event which will raise a worthwhile sum for St.Lawence’s.

October Services

The regular Family Services are very well attended and a warm welcome is extended to all. The service lasts about 35 minutes and combines both traditional and more informal features. Coffee is served afterwards. If anyone has any unwanted percussion instruments such as shakers or small tambourines for the children’s song we would be pleased to give them a good home! Please also note that the 8.30am HC has been re-instated by popular request!

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