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June 2013

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It’s been a joy to share in some happy occasions over the last weeks around the parishes – baptisms, weddings and birthday parties!  On the subject of birthdays, the proverbial three score and ten being the “days of our age” comes to mind. It is, of course, a Biblical phrase from Psalm 90 and is much remembered - however, the next phrase suggests that anyone who reaches fourscore is very strong indeed. Quite a few strong folk in Oxhill, then!

Sharing celebrations is one of the most memorable parts of family and community life. As we go into the Trinity season in church, the green colour of the frontal and robes  represents all of life in creation - in which God is ever present.

May we be fully appreciative of the life of our villages and the countryside about.

Another June has arrived with the challenge of the Scarecrow Festival – thanks to all the team who are so busy at the moment and all the wonderful support received from Oxhillians. Congratulations to the Lunchers too!!

Best wishes and God bless,

Nicholas Morgan
01608 685230
braileschurch @ gmail.com

Diane Harper's 80th birthday party

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