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February 2015

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Notes of the Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 13th January 20154 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall

The meeting, chaired by Grenville Moore, was attended by Parish Councillors Carol Taylor, Tom Heritage and David Hill.    Apology received from Brian Badger.

Matters Discussed

Highways- Heavy lorries through the village

We have been informed by W.C.C. Traffic Projects Group that HGV’s are permitted to use any classification of road for access and deliveries even if a weight restriction is in place (unless it is a structural weight limit).

Parish Plan

Six points are identified for action by the Parish Council:

1)     Support for the elderly – to be pursued

2)    Access to a range of activities for young people – to be pursued

3)    Concerns of flooding.  We will contact Severn Trent for a meeting to discuss what steps can be taken to reduce the risk of potential or actual flooding.

4)    Speed limits.  We have already been advised that community radar equipment is available, free of charge, for monitoring speed which provides information on the extent and severity of the problem.  This requires 7 volunteers who will be trained in the use of the equipment.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER FOR THIS PROJECT PLEASE CONTACT ME on 680441

5)    Parking on pavements.  We have no real ongoing enforcement available, i.e. police presence, yellow lines, but it is our responsibility to abide by the law and not park across the pavement thereby respecting the safety of those who walk, push prams, or use mobility aids to safely use the pavements and not have to go into road. The main area of concern is the top of Beech Road by the flower trough.  The parking in this area makes it difficult for drivers to see on coming traffic.

6)    Dog fouling.  This has been brought to every ones attention on many occasions.  It is a question of thinking of others.  If your dog fouls the pavement or open spaces used by others then it is your responsibility to clean up after your pet.  The Parish Council can provide bins for this use but would you like a dog waste bin outside your house?

Finance – Precept 2015/2016

Expenditure for the above period was discussed and a balance sheet provided of present and future expenditure. £500 would be allowed for insurance, audit fees, Clerk’s honorarium and expenses, membership of WALC; grants towards mowing the churchyard and Village Hall ground of £600 and £200 respectively; support would continue for the Oxhill News at £768 pa.  Elections will be held in May for District and Parish Councils, provision has to be made in the event that Oxhill will hold an election, i.e. if more than 5 people stand for Parish Councillor.  The cost of this will be in the region of £700.  If no election is needed the cost is £100.  We brought forward £993, therefore a precept of £2500 was agreed by the meeting.


Outline planning for up to 4 dwellings on land to the rear of “Stablecroft” was returned with objection to backland infill on agricultural land and in contravention of our main planning principles set out in the Parish Plan. This application has now been refused.

Planning applications for i) outline planning for one dwelling at “Merrydown” and ii) construction of detached dwelling on land off Green Lane. Both these application were supported in line with the Parish Plan.

Permission was granted for single storey side extension with roof space at “Clermont”

Application to upgrade and underground 14 span of low voltage cable by Western Power was granted.


The footpath from Beech Road to Gilks Lane, which runs behind the houses on Main Street is blocked and needs opening up as a right of way. Highways to be notified.

Date of Next Meeting

Tuesday 10th March 2015 at 8.00 pm in the Village Hall.

Angela Kean, Parish Clerk

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